Github is Down and I can't deploy my app

I wrote this post while github is down. But I couldn’t make it online at that time since my blog is powered by github pages.

Today(2012 December 23), Github is experiencing major system outage. Github has a very good uptime and this is not about them. This is about Heroku. Yes, Heroku. Why? If it is an AWS outage this seems fair :) but how come Github?

Here is Why?

I’m using my heroku app with a custom buildpack for NodeJS. Since I’m not enjoying with their default NodeJS runtime. And the buildpack is retrieved from github. So now heroku can’t access my buildpack and I simply can’t deploy.

Heroku buildpack failed due to github outage

Okay! Try BitBucket?

Fortunately! Buildpack should be a public git-repo. So I pushed buildpack into BitBucket and tried again. And It works.

Heroku buildpack works with Bitbucket

But Unfortunately!

Some of the modules used in my app are fetched from Github! I think you know the rest of the story. :)

I should wait a bit until github comes live again :P