Hello blogging with Jekyll & Github Pages

I always wanted to blog, but whatever the reason something has stopped it. I did a mistake and I wanted to correct it. And I did it this time for http://learnitcorrect.com and here it is :)

I tried a few

  • Blogger - Good editor, but too old and generic themes
  • Tumblr - Nice themes but bad editor (specially If I have codes)
  • Posterous - I didn’t like it from the beginning
  • Wordpress - I don’t want to pay for it
  • Open Source Self Hosted - I don’t like to host it myself

Everything I’ve tried does not last long upto 2 or 3 blog posts. The reason was I simply didn’t like the system

So What exactly I wanted

  • I wanted a blog engine with a good editor
  • And with nice set of clean themes
  • In build support for syntax highlighting
  • It should be on cloud and I don’t want to manage it

Actually I gave up. And then few years later I started to heard some jargons. And people seems to very interest on them. So these are the things what I was heard of

I too follow them and used for some of my projects.

I heard about Jekyll too

Yes I heard about Jekyll at the same time. Whatever the reason I was reluctant to try it out. May be I didn’t understand it from the documentation.

But I have tried it now

Yeah. I tried it now and I was able to create this blog using Jekyll. With Jekyll we are under privileged with and lots of functionalities are missing. (I mean Github pages does not support some plugins)

But still I was able to fire up a good site from Jekyll and now my http://learnitcorrect.com is based on Jekyll with Github Pages.

Here is why I love it

  • Its on markdown
  • It is backed by an amazing hosting service
  • Git push based publishing is awesome
  • I can craft my CSS easily (Coz I own the template)
  • Minor page changes can be done with http://github.com

With Jekyll now I’m started to blogging and I love this and I’m not quiting it like before :) This is not a news for most of the people but I was amazed to write a blog about this :)