How I am trying to market my video course

I’m the instructor of Codeigniter for Beginners course at udemy. I’ve tried several marketing methods and had few sales. Now I’m looking for more sales with a PPC campaign for my course.

However things doesn’t worked as I planned and I didn’t get any leads from the PPC campaign. Eventually I discovered this.

People who are clicking the adds do not have the intention to buy the course right away.

I need to convince them to buy it from me. So the landing page at udemy(my course) is not enough. I need something more. That’s why I came up with this plan. I’ve demonstrated it in the following video.

Summary - This is what I did

This is the extract of what I am talking in the video (for those who are lazy enough to watch the video)

  • Now all the clicks are directed to rather than the origin course at udemy.
  • It is a mini website with bunch of codeigniter video tutorials for beginners. (Those are extracted from my course)
  • Instead of directly marketing my course, I allow them to look at the tutorials
  • And I have used a way to get their email and in return I promise to give them more videos for free (one video per week)
  • After I take their email, I simply try to market my video course at the end. (Thank You page)
  • Every week I send them a video tutorial via email
  • That email contains a link to my website - rather than using just giving the video on the email
  • Now I have some time to remind the user about my original video course

Why is this

In this case, I’m not directly marketing my course, simply because people who are clicking my adds are just browsers - They do not have intention to buy a course. I’ve to make them interested about my videos and convince them to buy.

So I followed AIDA principle

  • Attention - Get the attention first (By giving them a clean good website for tutorial - that is what they need)
  • Interest - Develop their interest (I give them free access to few video tutorials)
  • Desire - Convince them to they need this (I try to accomplish this by giving well structured video lessons)
  • Action - lead customer towards a action (I try to get their email for more videos and offer discount for my course)

Here following things can be happened.

  1. People just my product (best case)
  2. They just give their email for more videos (fine, I’ve to nurture them)
  3. People just left (Poor me)

So I’ve not does this experiment yet and need to wait few days for the result.

How I built the website

For this, I still have no intention to host a wordpress or CMS to host my site(including all the forms and posts). I recently worked with Github Pages and amazed with their offering. Here is the tools I used.

Hope to see you with the result