How I Use My Display Real Estate

I started using an additional display since 6 months ago and I’m really satisfy with the outcome. Here is how I’m using my two displays (MacBook 13” + acer 23”) when I do coding.

Four Areas to position windows

I divide my screens into 4 areas as shown below and It makes me so productive while I’m coding.

My Screen


  • This is the area I mostly do typing.
  • Text Editor and Web Browser (when do some posting) goes here.
  • Additionaly If I’m working on SSH for few hours this is the place for it.


  • This is the place I mostly do reading + browsing.
  • Web Browser and File Browser goes here.


  • This is a place for a Terminal App.
  • Servers and Tailing Logs goes here.


  • This is also a place for a Terminal App.

Divvy as the Window Manager

Positioning windows into these areas manually does not gonna work. It is job of the Window Manager. But unfortunately there no such app or tool available in any Operation System by default. Fortunately we have some awesome 3rd party tools.

My personal favorite is Divvy. It is available for both Mac and PC. With Divvy I can position windows into above areas using few keyboard shortcuts. It does not took more than a second.

This is the pattern / recipe I used to divide my display real estate. Hope you have your own patterns and I really like learn about them.