Published on June 2, 2020

I don't live in America. But I support #BlackLivesMatter

I don't know much about US politics or a lot about the current situation. But things I saw on Twitter and News is just wrong.
At the same time, I don't support violence and hurting innocent people — no matter which side they are. I am not in a position to advise anyone. But act peacefully and respect everyone.

So, why am I supporting?

I don't think this is only about Black people or related to recent events anymore. It's about injustice.
In these years, I have work with many American contributors and friends with open-source projects like Meteor, Storybook, and Next.js. So, it's my responsibility to help them when they are in trouble.

Here are some questions you might ask?

Are you just following the Twitter trend?
In a way, Yes. I follow fellow open-source leaders like @rauchg, @dan_abramov and @stolinski. What's wrong with that?

I live in country XXX; I don't care what happens in the US?
Even though you don't care, there are many software products, open-source libraries written and contributed by many Americans. So, you are here writing apps, because of them. You need to help them in a situation like this.
I don't ask you to donate or protest. At least try to understand what's going on.

See, these protestors are hurting innocent people. Why the fuck I want to support this?
If there is violence, police and law enforcement should handle it properly. They deserve any lawful punishment. But still, I don't think that's the majority.

Our country had similar events; Americans didn't care about that?
That could be true. Do you want to do the same? Consider this as an opportunity to bring everyone together and fight injustice. This event should be a lesson for the whole world.